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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Haiku on Beg/ Enter/ Chill/ Refresh


Moon begs attention
Night light shining through window
Stops lunatic dream

Begging bowl empty
Old man sits on the sidewalk
Dreaming recipes

You say I must work
I beg to differ my friend
Battery leaking


Enter a contract
Eyes, mind and heart wide open
It will never break

Enter the Dragon
Bruce Lee beating the bastards
Favourite movie

You invite me in
Hesitantly I enter
Accepting my fate


A chill in the room
Frost palpable reception
Wearing the wrong tie

Cold bacon sandwich
Cliff top north easterly chill
Early morning start

Roaring hearth fire
Snug of an old English pub
Warm beer and chilled wine


Morning ritual
Brush out yesterday's decay
Refresh your mindfeel

Brush teeth together
Refresh your relationship
Share the minty taste

Change your view of life
Clean all the windows at home
Refresh your outlook

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