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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Singing Christmas Carols and Transverse Myelitis

End of year concert
Uplifting experience
Of Christmas Carols

We had the privilege to attend my grandson's school Christmas Carol Service. While my wife and I and our daughter Sophie were up the back with limited vision of the actual choir, the program was cleverly put together, and there were lots of opportunities for us to sing.
Sophie has a voice to die for, and sang in choirs for many years. I had 12 years of experience of choirs in my far off youth. Listening to Sophie and beginning to sing along, all the words came back and I even found myself doing the baritone part to several carols alongside her contralto (the descant, if you like).

What is strange is that I have not sung like that in years, and it opened up an old treasure store. I find myself wanting to listen to more music, and occasionally wanting to sing along.

My Transverse Myelitis has slowly deteriorated, and I am not very mobile these days. I am able to walk on most days (with a stick), but my feet and lower legs have poor feeling, and my chest pain is chronic and intrusive. My brain is not as good as it was in past years, and I do have problems with recent memory. I have been wondering how to escape from my gradually deepening depression and sense of gradually giving up.

Since the concert, I have wanted to listen to more music and rediscover all the stuff on my iPhone I used to listen to when I was active on an indoor bike ((which I have not been for 6 months).
I am going to explore this further. Many of you will have noticed that as I lost heart, I stopped blogging. Well, I am determined to get back to it. Watch this space.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Some Sensual Haiku

Eat your apple first
Original words from Eve
Smiling at Adam
Original skin
Joined in knowing afterglow
Afterwards we smiled
I found my true self
Tightly wrapped up in your arms
In the dark of night
Night passed peacefully
The susurrus of your breath
Whispering your dreams