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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haiku Musings on the word 'label'

Personal label
Warm wash; do not tumble dry
Handle with great care

Sweet red labellum
Her top lip fascinates me

Label a child 'dumb'
And they will struggle life-long
Your voice goes with them

The DSM5
Labelling mental illness
Not solving problems

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Haiku musings on the word 'garbage'

GIGO principle
Eat garbage, you look like it
Give your diet thought

I get lost in that garbage
Please say what you mean

I noticed something
Just putting out the garbage
You threw out my love
Sensual Haiku on Facebook

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sensual Haiku

Tiny kitchenette
Just room for two friends cooking
Food with pheromones

Wanted to mention
You're looking lovely tonight
Smell pretty good too

We clasp each other
Eager for body contact
That raw human need

We made love last night
And slept the sleep of angels
Totally refreshed

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Archie Roach and Black Armband: Dirtsong

We drove through torrents of rain last night from Bribie Island, Qld to the Concert Hall at QPAC, Brisbane. to see Archie Roach and Black Armband. Had thoughts of turning for home and scuttling back to a nice warm bed; had thoughts we would not get there; had thoughts we would be late and locked out for the first 20 minutes. I AM SO GLAD WE WENT!
From the moments of beginning to the standing ovation at the end it was a triumph - soft, lyrical, melodic, moving, foot stomping, meaningful, and a repeated reminder of how Aboriginal culture has been irrevocably changed by white invasion. Painful and inspirational, and all set against a backdrop of evocative black and white film of Aboriginal culture today.
Archie Roach is ageing; yeah and so what? His voice occasional wavers; yeah and so what? The eagle soared time and again, and he was greeted with applause by an audience in rapture.
Photo courtesy of Courier Mail
Lou Bennett and friends were exquisite in backup, melding perfectly, and William Barton's didg was poignant and complex.
When Jimmy Barnes made a guest appearance, the crowd nearly lost it in ecstatic welcome
Dirt song was brilliantly staged, and a joy to be remembered.
Go and see Black Armband Don't worry about the elements.