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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tail of the Cyclone

Two weeks later (27th January, 2013), a cyclone came down the east coast of Australia, and the tail end ripped across Bribie Island with wind gusts over 100Km/h. At the same time we had a king tide, so water in the canal reached the highest levels I have seen - about 20cms below the lip of the retaining wall. Ah well, at least it blew the smoke from the bushfires away.

Smoke over Water

Bribie Island, 10th January 2013
The bushfires raged in national park about 3 kms from our home. This was the view of smoke over the water of the canal being blown southerly. We were lucky; there was a lot of water between us and the fires. But it was still an anxious time; you never quite know what the embers in the wind will do next.