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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Haiku on Freedom/ Stop/ Image/ Call


Freedom of the mind
When you leave the world behind
And rent a retreat

On leave from the war
Clothes rent, in need of repair
Short bout of freedom

Not owning a home
Gives you the freedom to leave
But please pay the rent


Let me tell you, dear
I don't want this life to stop
It's been too much fun

Stop all the pressure
Sit and let your mind run free
Breathe gently. Accept.

Stop. Think about it.
Hundred years ago, this day.
Men fought World War One


Image of myself
Ageing in dusty attic
While I renew Me

Look at the image
Then up at the mountain range
Which seems to have grown

Yesterday's photo
Mismatched to body image
Must photoshop me


Fixing my makeup
Before final curtain call
Onto a new stage

Being a doctor
Hearing pain behind the call
Responding quickly

Myriad birds call
Ushering in the morning
Such a chirpiness

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Haiku on Test/ Don't/ Wicked/ Infect


Steady longbow pull
Ancient test of strength and nerve
Mark the arrow's flight

She pouts, flouncing off
It's a test for a young man
Just say: "Please come back"

Test results were bad
But then effort was lacking
No gain without pain


Advice for piskies
With humans, hide in curtains
Don't move a muscle

Sign at vampire's lair:
'Crosses, salt, garlic don't work.
Private. Don't enter.'

Dad's Army in war
The catch cry was 'Don't Panic'
Headless disarray


A small conundrum
Is dark chocolate wicked
When on a diet

Special birthday treat
Wicked dark chocolate cake
Third birthday this week

Hannibal Lecter
Archetype of wickedness
Twisted evil mind


Infected by you
So deeply under my skin
Affecting my soul

We know so little
One bug decides to divide
Infects your whole day

Human contact kills
Infection with Ebola
The deadliest kiss

Monday, December 8, 2014

HAIKU on Not/ Ride/ Crowd/ Fog


Chirping excitement
Birds announce it will not rain
The rest of today

It's not the first time
Guess it will not be the last
Slept through the alarm

Such concentration
Carried tea across the room
Not a drop was spilled

No and not of things
Define empty existence
They really should not


Ride the winds of change
Evolving with the tempests
Voicing your thunder

Not sure why I'm here
Saw this double decker bus
And came for the ride

She was riding me
Pushing me on to new heights
Really ecstatic


The big decision
Did gladiators fight well
The crowd's thumbs are down

Stand out from the crowd
Maintain positivity
In the face of gloom

A crowd of haiku
Jostling for recognition
And perhaps a star


Through a glass darkly
Fog of my mind slowly clears
Leaving eyes misty

Standing on cliff top
Counting lighthouse sweep seconds
Mournful fog horn sounds

High level meeting
The fog of doubt slowly clears
Protagonists beam

Feel warm with fever
Over three degrees from rage
Climb into bed bare