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Monday, September 20, 2010


I've been a bit engrossed in other things since last December when I was paralysed from the chest down.
As I emailed my friends:
"Just want to let everyone know that I suffered a spinal stroke (?? embolus) of some sort Thursday 3rd December, and am in Royal Brisbane Hosp from where I will transfer ??to Princess Alexandra Hosp next week or the week after. May be home for Christmas, but then at least a couple of months of serious work on the body. No-one quite sure what happened, and CT w/wo contrast, MRIs, Xrays, Echocardiograph, ECG, blood tests suggest I am normal. Problem is loss of sensation, tone, power below the rib cage. Went from right side T6/7 all the way down, and then crept terrifyingly up the left to the same level. Day by day is a challenge with steep learning curves (Can I lift myself round the bed, out the bed, use a wheelchair, wash my feet in the chair without overbalancing?). Generally good spirits but with flat times, weep easily when all my lovely family come round. Physio every day, acupuncture every day, massage this afternoon. Improving, but may plateau (?? at some point).
Anyone for Wheelchair Karate?"

Well, I am on the mend, and have been writing a book. I will be putting chapters up on the Net for download and hope to get the whole thing published in due course...