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Monday, March 24, 2014

Free Monday Download: Gender Differences in adolescent depression and suicidal ideation

This paper is based on over 2400 adolescents aged 13 from 27 schools. It demonstrates differences between young men and young women in levels of depression, responses to it, and suicidality. The paper has implications for suicide prevention programs in schools

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Download here: *Gender differences in the relationship between depression and  suicidal ideation in young adolescents 2001

Allison, S., Roeger, L., Martin, G., & Keeves, J., 2001. Gender Differences in the relationship between depression and suicidal ideation in young adolescents. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 35, 498-503

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Haiku on Five/ Plead/ Keep/ Package


One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive
Then I let him go

Go for Asian food
The secret ingredient
Magical Five Spice

Five times she said 'No'
So he tried asking again
On the seventh day...


If I cut you dead
You'd plead all over the floor
I could not stand that

Summer plead for rain
In winter we plead for sun
Never satisfied

Please Sir, is there more?
Mr Bumble was outraged
So we plead to God?


Inside my castle
There is a special locked room
Where I keep my pain

For all that you are
For all the moments we've shared
I keep loving you

The fates keep secrets
Woven in life's tapestry
Until the thread is cut

I keep forgetting
Write it down in your notebook
But where's my notebook?


Neat little package
She's perfectly apportioned
Feeds my appetite

Neat little package
Perfectly, tastefully wrapped
I untie her bow

Package for the male
Clear instructions on her box
Open carefully

Friday, March 21, 2014

Haiku on Delicate/ Elude/ Nature


Such a heady aroma
Sweetmeats for the soul

Delicate balance
Today I'm totally sane
But, if I lost you...

Great Barrier Reef
Delicate ecology
Let's not muck it up


Slipping from his grasp
She pretended to elude
A teasing prelude

There's the parking spot
That car eludes me again
Where did I leave it?

The thought crossed my mind
And ran behind two others
Now it eludes me


The nature of clouds
Shapes evolving each second
Driven by the wind

We are affronted
We cannot control the mind
Nature of the beast

Such a sweet nature
Butter melts not in her mouth
Just do not cross her

I catch up with you
Bodies languid together
Nature of Sundays

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Haiku on Mishap-Crush/ Down/ Last

Mishap - Crush

Small kitchen mishap
Vampire cooking at twilight
Crushed a garlic clove

Dropped melon on foot
Enormous bruise from fruit crush
A juicy mishap

Volcanic mishap
Tons of hot lava and ash
Crush ancient city


The Sussex South Downs
Rolling green hills, walking trails
An English treasure

Down into slumber
The deepest dreamless of sleeps
To awake refreshed

Caught in that moment
His hand in the cookie jar
Looked down at his feet


When was the last time?
Seems ages; ages to go
Thank goodness for that

Last year saw snowdrops
This year there is so much snow
They will need long stems

So, this will not last?
Want to take a bet on that?
You already lost

Friday, March 14, 2014

Haiku on Reward/ Appetite/ Bargain/ Silence


Loyalty reward
Long term investment in you
I get a free lunch

Lost my mind somewhere
Reward for helping find it
If I don't forget

Good reward system
Operant conditioning
Fish for dolphin tricks


Tense, dense, not much sense
He was an appetite man
Anger, Hunger, Life

Appetite sated
He became an observer
Watching his diet

Children in the park
Such an appetite for life
They forget to eat


Learning to bargain
Playing marbles in playground
I want that red one

Plays Monopoly
What d'you want for Old Kent Road?
Now someone's landlord

Beware of bargains
'Original' watch from Bali
Lasted just three days


Silence is golden
No word of challenge is heard
Can hear a pen drop

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Haiku on Trade/ Alarm/ Ghost-Surface


Wise experience
Now willing to do a trade
For youthful vigour

Trade in Ivory
Wealthy New World collector
An elephant dies

The trade winds of change
Strangers from across the world
Enrich our culture


The alarm went off
Sound again another day
Go away today

Smoke alarm shrilling
Oh God, the house is on fire
No, just the toaster

One more false alarm
We want you to be pregnant
Two days late again


Slight recognition
Ghost of a smile surfaces
I'm sure I know you

The poor ghost writer
Never really knows the truth
Scratches the surface

Just ghosting through life
Love no more than surface deep
Borderline person

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Free Download: Suicide Prevention Training: A Workshop Format

This workshop was originally designed as part of an Australian Government funded project 'Out of the Blues', devised to provide better access to young people with depressive symptoms. The format of the workshop is straight forward, drawing on evidence from available research, using a video developed for another Australian Government funded project 'Keep Yourself Alive' which trained over 5000 community workers and 3500 family doctors across Australia.

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Download Here: *Suicide prevention training A Workshop Format

Wright, S. and Martin, G., 2000.  Suicide Prevention Training: A Workshop.  Youth Studies Australia.  19:2, 39-42.
Reprinted as: Wright, S. & Martin G., 2010. Suicide prevention training: A workshop, Ch 15. In Doing youth work in Australia (Editor Professor Rob White) , Volume 2: Youth work and youth issues. Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies. University of Tasmania, Australia.

The workshop uses material from Pearce, C. & Martin, G., 1994. Predicting suicide attempts among adolescents. Acta Psychiatrica Scand., 90: 324-328. (which can be downloaded from Family Concern Publishing 
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Download here: Predicting suicide attempts among adolescents

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Haiku on Frighten/ Halting/ Value


Bully boy cane toad
Croaking up the wet season
Tried to frighten frogs

Storms frighten at times
Sheet lightning and fierce rain drops
Beating up the house

Playing with torches
Children frighten up shadows
Sneak into Mum's bed


Fence on the cliff top
Halting rate of suicides
A small barrier

Lost his baby teeth
Halting, embarrassed question
"Pleathe mith, may I thpeak?"

Power of Haiku
Halting the mind's slow decline
Mindful poetry


In chemical terms
Our body's worth three dollars
Value somewhat more

Need to discuss this
I value your opinion
Love, trust, intertwined

If life has value
Why do humans keep killing?
Proves we're animals

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Haiku on Ahead/ Double/ Last


Janus looks ahead
But he also looks behind
Two-faced Roman God

Getting ahead, boy?
Need to know where you're going...
Or wind up elsewhere

Why look at behinds?
I'm following those ahead
Nothing sinister


Double your money
Halve the amount you're eating
A bonus weight loss

Double jeopardy
If I love you, may get hurt
If not, may get hurt

Twins rushing about
Sticky fingers everywhere
Double the trouble


The last coil of spring
Bounces into summertime
Unwound by the warmth

Atop the mountain
The last samurai stood, still
Champion alone

Last ray of sunshine
Sun went down permanently
Child hid from the dark