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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Haiku on Frighten/ Halting/ Value


Bully boy cane toad
Croaking up the wet season
Tried to frighten frogs

Storms frighten at times
Sheet lightning and fierce rain drops
Beating up the house

Playing with torches
Children frighten up shadows
Sneak into Mum's bed


Fence on the cliff top
Halting rate of suicides
A small barrier

Lost his baby teeth
Halting, embarrassed question
"Pleathe mith, may I thpeak?"

Power of Haiku
Halting the mind's slow decline
Mindful poetry


In chemical terms
Our body's worth three dollars
Value somewhat more

Need to discuss this
I value your opinion
Love, trust, intertwined

If life has value
Why do humans keep killing?
Proves we're animals

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