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Friday, March 21, 2014

Haiku on Delicate/ Elude/ Nature


Such a heady aroma
Sweetmeats for the soul

Delicate balance
Today I'm totally sane
But, if I lost you...

Great Barrier Reef
Delicate ecology
Let's not muck it up


Slipping from his grasp
She pretended to elude
A teasing prelude

There's the parking spot
That car eludes me again
Where did I leave it?

The thought crossed my mind
And ran behind two others
Now it eludes me


The nature of clouds
Shapes evolving each second
Driven by the wind

We are affronted
We cannot control the mind
Nature of the beast

Such a sweet nature
Butter melts not in her mouth
Just do not cross her

I catch up with you
Bodies languid together
Nature of Sundays

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