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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haiku on Hope/ Force/ Battle/ Tremendous


The world's ways will change
As humanity evolves
Hope springs eternal

Faith, hope, charity
Tell that to an abused child
Twisted by their past

Hope this finds you well
I had a great birthday, thanks
Enjoyed your present


Nature's strongest force
Is probably gravity
Keeping us grounded

In the face of force
Bend to the prevailing wind
Like a blade of grass

Do not force issues
You might be wasting your breath
State your case and wait


Old healed battle scars
Memories of survival
A living album

The daily battle
Maintaining integrity
In worlds full of crap

Today's battle won
Ah, but can we win the war?
Only together


The nut with health benefits
Tree mend us, maybe

Australians know
Wide brown land is challenging
Tremendous country

Tremendous sunshine
Searing heat through the window
Dust motes jig dancing

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haiku on Contain/ Angry/ Chance/ Delight


At the Easter show
Candy floss and whizzy rides
Can't contain myself

Serial lover
Now contained behind the bars
Of carnal nightmares

Seeds of the future
Testicular container
Awaiting release


I am not angry
I just frown now and again
When I am displeased

Do not get angry
Just work through relationships
And then get even

Thunder sounds angry
Simply electricity
That arcs between us


Chance with opportunity
We met, and we love

A fork in the road
Tossed a coin and took a chance
There were no signposts

Ovum was waiting
Surrounded, millions of sperm
This one, that one, chance


I take great delight
In the small things of my life
Like a pin dropping

You are a delight
I don't care what you're doing
I just love to watch

Comes the idea
Shaped into the proper form
Delight in each word

Friday, September 12, 2014

Haiku on Control/ Problem/ Lock


Just for that moment
At the end of lovemaking
I lose all control

You cannot control
Whom you love, hate or despise
These are visceral

At central control
There is a wheel of fortune
Spun on special days


Serious problem
Is really a solution
Waiting to happen

For every problem
There's a simple solution
More than often wrong

World's greatest problem?
It's us guys, that's you and me
The great polluters


Lock of fine brown hair
Hidden in antique locket
Uncombed memories

Close the bedroom door
Folding you into my arms
Lock you in my heart

Keys on my key ring
Each must fit a lock somewhere
Wonder what they are

Thursday, September 11, 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day - Today, Tomorrow, Any Day

Yesterday - the 10th September - was World Suicide Prevention Day, as it is every year.
But two things stand out in all the mad excitement of national and international organisations spruiking their programs, and joining together in phenomenal media coverage.
The first is that there is universal discussion of the size of the problem, with up to date comparisons nation by nation. All very interesting, and totally useless to someone hiding away with their depression and plans for suicide.
The second is that there is very little about exactly how you go about stopping yourself from suiciding, or stopping someone else from suicide. Everyone screams at us that we should reach out, we should start a conversation, we should help those who need help to actually get the help. But no-one really helps us with what you say after you have said "Hello" "Are you OK?" No-one helps us to know exactly how you persuade someone they are worthy of help.
Handing someone a pamphlet is equally useless. So few people read these days. So many people with severe depression don't feel like reading, talking, or reaching out, or seeking help. They just sit in their puddle of misery, not thinking anything much but how to stop the pain. Even if you get the message across to them that they should seek help, they may still not do it. They may well believe that no-one can help them with their particular problem, or that professionals are busy and would not have the time to help, or simply that they do not deserve to be helped (part of the picture of depression).
We need to do more. We need to do better. We need to translate all the millions of exceedingly worthy research papers into a comprehensive guide with steps to effective prevention, and then train everyone we can in what is absolutely known to work. For professionals and the public alike we need to keep this simple (the KISS principle). It has to be in language that is readily absorbed. Each step has to be attainable.

We don't need to do this one special day a year. We need to do it every day.
We need to reach out whenever we can. We need to reach out to any of our friends who may be struggling, and provide support, a shoulder to cry on, and the best advice we can. We need to help them find solutions.

There are many ways to prevent problems like mental illness and suicide. You might like to try some of the chapters in 'ESSAYS on Prevention in Mental Health' - which tracks 20 years of thinking in the area. It does not cost an arm and a leg. And it may just help you to get enthusiastic about prevention.
The book can be found at:

Self Injury recovery guides

Download any one of Five 'Seeking Solutions to Self injury' guides - For Young People, for Families, for School Staff, for Family Doctors, For Emergency Staff.
Scroll down at

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On Suicide Prevention

Don't just sit there
        Inaction costs lives.
Reach out
        To friend, stranger and foe alike
        with deep interest and care;
Then help
        with support, or getting professional help

The next day, do it all again.
       Not just on special days, but any day, every day

You can make a difference

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Haiku on Lose/ Think/ Favour


Autumn's colours fall
Baton handed to Winter
Tropics lose little

Lose myself in you
Find you in my mind and soul
Labyrinth of love

Remaking our world
We lose natural beauty
Tragedy of man


Think in a straight line
Turn right and do it again
Haiku right angle

Do not think too hard
Just let your mind channel thoughts
Into wild beauty

See every word
Feel how they fit together
Think about impact


The purest of love
When we bask in the soft light
Of Grace and Favour

Thinning of the blood
An allergy to broad beans
Favoured families

Favour my right brain
For kinaesthetic response
You favour your left