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Friday, March 14, 2014

Haiku on Reward/ Appetite/ Bargain/ Silence


Loyalty reward
Long term investment in you
I get a free lunch

Lost my mind somewhere
Reward for helping find it
If I don't forget

Good reward system
Operant conditioning
Fish for dolphin tricks


Tense, dense, not much sense
He was an appetite man
Anger, Hunger, Life

Appetite sated
He became an observer
Watching his diet

Children in the park
Such an appetite for life
They forget to eat


Learning to bargain
Playing marbles in playground
I want that red one

Plays Monopoly
What d'you want for Old Kent Road?
Now someone's landlord

Beware of bargains
'Original' watch from Bali
Lasted just three days


Silence is golden
No word of challenge is heard
Can hear a pen drop

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