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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Haiku on Mishap-Crush/ Down/ Last

Mishap - Crush

Small kitchen mishap
Vampire cooking at twilight
Crushed a garlic clove

Dropped melon on foot
Enormous bruise from fruit crush
A juicy mishap

Volcanic mishap
Tons of hot lava and ash
Crush ancient city


The Sussex South Downs
Rolling green hills, walking trails
An English treasure

Down into slumber
The deepest dreamless of sleeps
To awake refreshed

Caught in that moment
His hand in the cookie jar
Looked down at his feet


When was the last time?
Seems ages; ages to go
Thank goodness for that

Last year saw snowdrops
This year there is so much snow
They will need long stems

So, this will not last?
Want to take a bet on that?
You already lost

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