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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Haiku on Carry/ Black/ Right/ Critic


Carry my loved one
Safely back into my arms
Away from evil

A haiku a day
Will keep the doctor away
Carry on writing

Dot one carry one
Multiplication is fun
The old fashioned way

Dim politicians
Carry to the election
Then we switch them off


On the darkest days
My black thoughts and furrowed brow
Dispersed by your smile

A small black spider
Quietly building a nest
Panic amongst girls

Black words on paper
Create small golden visions
In another's mind


Mirror shows my face
Meditation reveals soul
Reflecting right back

Come right ear she said
Would you like the rest of me?
You're such a smart ass

Right light might help sight
But you have to be looking
To see others plight


Critique my haiku
Criticism can be good
Do critics know that?

Don't disturb critic
He will reach across the miles
Tear your work to shreds

Critic sat alone
Nobody thought to say hi
To be criticised

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