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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Haiku on Misc./ Majesty/ Bank/ Ruin

Pink makes the boys wink
Think that is correct version
Maybe makes them stink

Hands all slimy wet
He worked the raw clay again
To perfect a man

No visions provoked
Not in vocabulary
No haiku today


Destroyed forever
Stories of queens and princes
Majesty untold

View from Arcturus
Untold majesty of Earth
Small blue green planet

A private person
Untold love gifts to others
Quiet majesty


They, deeply in love
Lay quietly on the bank
While their fortunes grew

Willow reaches down
Tendrils of her hair trailing
And teasing the bank

Red Arrows flyers
Aerial acrobatics
Bank and head for home


Old grey pockmarked moon
Ruined adolescent face
Just hanging about

Its nearly crunch time
Be a ruin tomorrow
Must rest sleepy head

Gravel crunch outside
Ruined that sleepy moment
Now on full alert

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