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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Haiku on Hard/ Survive/ Wash/ Credit


Not hard to follow
A grumpy Cookie Monster
Just look for the crumbs

A monster storm struck
The trail of devastation
Not hard to follow

Life's road can be hard
One foot after another
Is the way to go


We survive hatred
Only in other people
Never in ourselves

Deeply unconscious
Generation distorted
Old legends survive

You must remember
Reputation can survive
Long after you go


Boat wash rocked pontoon
Small girl regained her balance
Laughing at her skill

I was always told
If you don't wash out your ears
You grow potatoes

We should save water
Try showering with a friend
Wash each other's backs


Offer to clean house
Put some credit in her bank
It builds interest

Would you credit that
Bees travel hundreds of miles
To collect nectar

My credit on Skype
Is about forty dollars
But I use FaceTime

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