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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Haiku on Collapse/ Rise/ Star/ Get


A long tiring day
Thinking, creating, writing
Collapse into dreams

Lacking maintenance
Bridges we built between us
Collapse in a heap

Orwell's dystopian view
Cultural collapse


Go on, keep at it
You can tease me all you like
You won't get a rise

What is a pay rise
When you are a volunteer
Working just for love

They climbed the slight rise
Chasing rays of setting sun
And were left breathless


In floodlight he saw
In moonlight he followed her
In starlight they kissed

Inscribed on paper
Stories lived in the real world
Written in the stars

Stars from a distance
Cool twinkling lights to envy
Burning up inside


Right, that is it. right?
Gotta get outa this place
Last thing ever do

Get rich really quick
Become a politician
Repent at leisure

The widow's young get
Became a widow maker
Genetic's will out

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