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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Haiku on Mark/ Critical/ Blaze/ Word


Low tide flotsam mark
Red white and blue soldier crabs
Gather to parade

A quiet intrusive curse
Deep lines marked his face

With a deep dark sigh
He placed his leather book mark
Real life was calling


It is critical
With small children in the house
Not to be too clean

Observe the surface
Inspect it critically
Clean as a whistle

That's a filthy look
You're always so critical
Please clean up your mind


A blaze of glory
Tonight surviving nightmares
You are the hero

Tonight on the News
A blaze in a factory
Guard dog a hero

Mars the God of war
Hero annealed in the fire
Earth ablaze tonight


Always did love words
Playing with the sound of them
In any language

And the word was word
Like onomatopoeia
A meaningful sound

And the word was law
But then the law is an ass
On which no man hath sat

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