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Friday, October 9, 2015

Haiku on Ultimate/ Freedom/ Glow/ Road


Ultimate address
Care of angels in heaven
Or the opposite

Ultimately there
Found it was the wrong address
Had fun anyway

Ultimate penned words
Written on last paper sheet
World gone digital


Eagle soaring high
Freedom of the desert skies
Chained to finding prey

Freedom for the soul
Shackled to an earthly life
My mind can take flight

Freedom at Woolworth's
Buy whatever you feel like
If it is in stock


Hello small glow worm
Would you like to come inside
See what's on telly

I was always told
Men perspire and women glow
They all sweat at gym

Friction between us
Ignited old dry tinder
Glow now raging fire


Never ending road
Life's scenery unfolding
A precious journey

Entering the mind
Leave a trail of golden words
The road takes odd twists

Young red kangaroo
In central Australia
Small road statistic

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