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Friday, October 2, 2015

Haiku on Doubt/ Read/ Victor/ News


May be right or wrong
Make best decisions you can
Clear doubt from your mind

There can be no doubt
Stayed with me for fifty years
It must have been love

Try reading a book
Alone in peace and quiet
Knowledge removes doubt


Deep and meaningful
Words unspoken from your heart
Transmitted to mine

Deep down in her womb
She felt the smallest flutter
The future of life

With deep sympathy
I honour those who have lost
That is all of us


To victor the game
Now you can reset the board
Next time I will win

Whisper 'Execute'
Deprive the world of Victors
Reset us for Peace

In the game of moans
A whisper more powerful
Than the Victor's sword


An infant is born
Ready to be loved, adored
Won't make nightly news

Watching the bad news
Litany of mindlessness
The dark side of man

One good news story
A politician spoke sense
For the greater good

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