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Monday, October 19, 2015

Haiku on Vile/ Mark/ Twenty/ Solve


Why is it, I ask
That the best of medicines
Can taste really vile

Vile suggests evil
Unspeakable acts of war
Hidden behind veil

The smell of death vile
The dead opposite of live
All the sweetness gone


Mark my words Matthew
Both Luke and John got it right
Testament to faith

As she requested
He scratched her back with vigour
The mark of the beast

A marriage contract
She an illiterate girl
Simply made her mark


Twenty to a pack
Guaranteed to shorten life
Light up and breathe in

Change for a twenty
Never ask tax consultants
Only get five back

Just twenty minutes
Sitting peacefully quiet
Daily makeover


Solve all life's problems
Unconscious mind does the work
Given some dream time

A problem to solve
Is simply a solution
Waiting to happen

More conspiracy
Lies piled on mad distortion
Never to be solved

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