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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Haiku on Rig/ Paste/ Erase/ Ash


Move a boundary
Include this wealthy suburb
Gerrymander rig

Camping exercise
Rigged up one man makeshift tent
Rained during the night

In rig_or mortis
Presumably mind goes blank
Sort of rig_id state


Light entertainment
Fills your head with cotton wool
Where did my mind go?


Will whiten your teeth
Promise of all tooth paste ads
Fat chance on dentures

Utilised to make smooth pastes
Cause obesity

Paste fat on your face
Market as a wonder creme
Beauty millionaire


Be the best you can
Show kindness to those you meet
Nothing to erase

If you hate yourself
Erase your genes from the pool
Try celibacy

Chalk dust in our lungs
Teacher erases blackboard
Then scribbles some more


The old ash survives
Seeds breeze disseminating
Small helicopters

Ash motes in the air
Smell of ancient wood burning
Spark ignited park

I can taste the ash
Ancient fires that burned us up
Coolly quiescent

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