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Monday, November 16, 2015

Haiku on Entertainment/ Pride/ Step/ Move


Droplets down windows
Rainy day entertainment
Betting on outcomes

Red white and blue crabs
Entertainment on the beach
Formation tattoo

Sitting in the dark
Entertainment all switched off
Looking at replays


Water in a pool
The steady fall from above
A pride of large rocks

My pride of lions
The generations roar on
Occasional fall

Haiku of the day
Taking pride in golden words
Evoking the Fall


This tiny white step
Comes from lines of stepladders
Reaching for the sky

Step into my world
Be part of my family
We have love to share

Curing depression
Somewhat slow patient process
Begin with first step


We need to move house
Squeezing ten rooms into three
May be difficult

At moments of joy
In that ecstasy of love
Can worlds really move?

Move your ass right here
Use disabled parking spot
The one next to mine

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