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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Haiku on Original/ Drive/ New/ Saga


Terra Nullius
Original landowners

Original words
Spoken probably by Eve
Eat your apple first

Not original
We follow forebear’s footsteps
Step into their shoes


Sit comfortably
Check out the rear view mirror
Put the car in drive

Our primitive drives
Hidden in the unconscious
Sneaking out in dreams

Cuddling in the car
Together at the drive in
With kids in the back


New gene discovered
It has been there all along
Changed its expression

A new word each day
Excited parents child pride
Soon becomes 'Shut up!'

Wrote a new novel
Surprisingly novel theme
On redundancy


An old Norse saga
Vikings invade the Orkneys
Began on Thor's Day

Modern day saga
Another home invasion
By the thought police

The alarm goes off
Our daily saga begins
Brush teeth and shower

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