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Friday, November 13, 2015

Haiku on Need/ Insane/ Fellow/ Succeed


Need springs eternal
Hidden well inside humans
Never to be quenched

The sun and the moon
It seems they rarely cross paths
Yet we need them both

What we really need
Manufacturers of guns
To join the front lines


Wild diaspora
Insane asylum seekers
Wanting peace of mind

Nothing so insane
As proclaiming sanity
Not looking inside

The creative mind
Must be welcomed, encouraged
Not labelled insane


Fellow traveller
She cannot open the door
Must give her the key

Good academic
A fellow of the college
Lovely young woman

A poor old fellow
Has nobody to follow
His mind lies fallow


In the media
Nothing succeeds like excess
Buy your own image

Succession birthright
My father succeeded his
My son will succeed

Publishing papers
Standing on giant shoulders
New research succeeds

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