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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Transverse Myelitis: A journey of Recovery

I got Transverse Myelitis in late 2009, with a sudden onset of paralysis from about level T7 down. As you will know from this blog, I have made some recovery, even if far from complete. And as I age, maintaining the gains gets harder.
My own journey of recovery over the first 15 months, a book called 'Taking Charge' is now available as a download in pdf format. All 205 pages...
Read the full story for just A$8.00 from Taking Charge PDF Download.

I have had various chapters from the book freely available on this site since about 2011. I will be taking those down from this blog at some stage.So hundreds of you have had the opportunity to read those chapters; you may like to consider reading the rest of the book. Happy reading...

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