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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Haiku on Quickly/ Give/ Space/ Learn


Goldfish darts quickly
Hiding under lotus leaves
Heron's shadow still

Her breath came quickly
As she opened the front door
He was back from war

The old school bell tolls
Small children line up quickly
A to Z Conga


Give love this Christmas
Such a priceless little gift
That could last all year

Give words, I will know
Give me work, and I will live
Give love, I will grow

Give up on despair
Give out some positive vibes
Give in and be loved


If we do not learn
From history of conflict
We will repeat it

Don't gather data
Information or knowledge
Learn wisdom to be

I am a teacher
With the privilege to learn
Every single day


He left a small space
A moment for reflection
Before the punch line

Space in my suitcase
Might have trouble with customs
I could declare you

The space if you left
Would fill the whole universe
With dark nothingness

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