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Monday, January 5, 2015

Haiku on Hungry/ Thousand/ Blood/ News


Hungry media
They need to be fed stories
Each nanosecond

Hungry to succeed
He absorbed all he could read
Became a fat head

The mind is hungry
Like the body it needs rest
Constant feeding kills


Write a thousand words
Every day for a year
The punishment book

The hive is abuzz
A thousand flowers blooming
Busy day's bumbling

A thousand ladies
Dancing for a thousand knights
King Arthur's courting


The family pact
Blood is thicker than water
We are there for you

Image of Buddha
Serene behind the altar
Weeping tears of blood

If we go to war
There will be blood on our hands
Whatever our creed


In the news today
There have been no suicides
Government claims 'win'

'Shark bitten by man'
News in The Australian
Abbott talks: 'Man Cull'

'World decides on Peace'
That's the News I want to hear
Some wishful thinking...

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