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Friday, January 16, 2015

Haiku on Pleasure/ Eager/ Consider/ Stumble/


Being here with you
Musing over our shared past
Is such a pleasure

Who's behind the game?
Taking pleasure watching war
Who provides the guns?

Does sun take pleasure
From giving such light and heat
Or is it just there?


Soft snow sunmelting
Eager to join small river
And journey to sea

Small child in a cap
Eager to start first school day
And make some new friends

Rain all downpouring
Eager to join the parched earth
Sharing a new spring


Be quietly who you are
Turn off The Bad News

The world is at fear
Consider focus at home
Love those that you love

Consider your pain
Focus on its origins
It slip slides away


Pretended stumble
Followed by neat judo roll
He escaped captors

Man stumbles along
From catastrophe to worse
Occasional truth

Stumbled out the door
Goodbyes ringing in my ears
Please have a nice trip

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