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Friday, January 9, 2015

Haiku on Lake/ Good/ Rip/ Shop


Lake of Scotch whisky
Eager maidens cavorting
The fool's endless dream

At the water's edge
Hesitates to cross the lake
Fearing the Far Side

Lady of the Lake
Offers Excalibur phone
Unbeatably sharp


Achieve what you can
Success is a good feeling
Just don't harm others

Do all that they say
And you are rated as good
Go solo, you're not

Percentage of good
New world low of four per cent
Not a critical mass


The fates divided
Rip in the fabric of time
Shall we mend, or not?

A strong tidal rip
Took him away from the shore
And back to the beach

Alarm shatters sleep
Ripped from his bed untimely
He starts a new day

I take great delight
In the small things of my life
Like a pin dropping


The family girls
Opportunity to shop
Relationship gift

Christmas is coming
Deck the halls, boughs of holly
From the online shop

Not a shop for miles
Wandering along the beach
Such peace and quiet

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