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Friday, January 23, 2015

Haiku on Match/ Brush/ Minute/ Form


In amongst the crap
Sometimes you find a haiku
Matching the day's word

Small puzzle pieces
Turned over and then around
To match the image

Used to be smoker
Then I found love of my life
And she has no match

Match flares in the dark
Heated bodies intertwined
In light he loved her


Canvassed ideas
Basic design in outline
Brush full of paint

A speeding ticket
Small brush with the boys in blue
Very expensive

A sudden panic
Sneaky fox in chicken coop
Brush caught in the fence


Minute reflection
Builds into a symphony
If you take some notes

Cosmic perspective
This green planet we call home
Minute speck of dust

The smallest candle
A minute beacon of hope
On the darkest night


Some form sand to art
Creating exquisite glass
Some bomb worlds to sand

He sat on the form
Bum-hardened all through school days
More callused at work

Tentative at first
Symphony in classic form
Melding hearts to soar

The form defeated
Convoluted arcane words
He never did join

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