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Monday, January 12, 2015

Haiku on Proud/ Force/ Tomorrow/ Style


Proud green hills rolled on
Heaped scars telling the story
Of old eruptions

To my grandchildren
The most inspiring people
Proud to have met you

Told funny stories
About each of his life scars
Proud comedian


Over lengthy years
His vital force slowly waned
Now an empty husk

Deep inside us all
There is a force of nature
It's known as kindness

Something has to give
When force meets opposing force
Collateral Us


Chocolate today
I will be good tomorrow
Cross fingers promise

Today is sweet grass
Tomorrow is through the wood
Next day the mountains

Focus on today
Tomorrow will never come
Live the here and now


A style disaster
Rag bags from a jumble sale
All worn together

Wintercold poems
In the Manley Hopkins style
Hoarse to the ice storm

Dry sense of humour
As arid as the outback
Australian style

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