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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Haiku on Joy/ Thoughtful/ Fish/ Miss


Day began with joy
Pure unadulterated
I know I am loved

Do not think too hard
Just let your mind channel joy
Into wild beauty

Freedom creates joy
Joy creates the need to dance
And express freedom


You were too quiet
Kissed you gently on the cheek
Thoughtful smile emerged

Think on mindfulness
Empty your mind of all thought
Be thoughtful and kind

Thoughtful is mindful
Mindful is empty of thoughts
Yet mindful is kind


Fish stocks are dwindling
As we pollute land and sea
Can we live on chips

Brightly coloured Koi
Hide beneath a lily pad
Shadow of heron

Fish for compliments
And you tire the fisherman
Who removes your hooks


She was in training
Little miss with her mistress
Learning bondage ropes

Miss this season's cut?
It will be better next year
If you train harder

Chance is hit and miss
If your hand is not so good
Take another card

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