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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Haiku on Sliver/ Whine/ Wreck/ Chat


A silver of light
Braking though the dark widow
Dyslexic haiku

A sliver of wood
Got under my fingernail
The pain really bad

Thin sliver of light
Mean spirited little freak
Slid through the doorway


Barnum and Bailey
Well known travelling freak show
Fed our prurience


Delivery drone
The McDonalds has arrived
That should stop the whine

Against the background
Of all the fun of the fair
I still hear you whine

Can I meditate
Whine from refrigerator
Trying to stop me


The wreck revival
After spa and manicure
She stands resplendent

It's been a tough week
Feeling a bit of a wreck
Sleep, coffee, and walk

Walking at low tide
Skeletal remains of wreck
The old prison ship


Chat amongst yourselves
I'll find my chalk and duster
Then pretend to teach

Chats chatting outside
Small insectivorous birds
Old world flycatchers

I don't need back chat
Just need you to do the job
Without back hander

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