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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Haiku on Problem/ Prosper/ Anyway/ Send


Think of a problem
As a solution waiting
For discovery

All problems are small
When seen from a long distance
Try walking away

The real problem is
We see problems as problems
They're just life puzzles


World needs to prosper
Sperare is to hope for
Yes, I am pro that


Anyway, he said
Don't use redundant language
Try to be precise

Anyway vistas
Just higgledepiggledy
Landscape of nightmares

We can do this love
I don't mind easy or hard
Anyway you like


Not a fleeting tweet
Or empty like on Facebook
Send meaning by post

Send me a haiku
On a piece of rice paper
That melts in the mouth

Go on, take the mick
Tease my way of doing things
Send up all my quirks

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