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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Haiku on Couple/ Red/ Careless/ Awesome


Elderly couple
One walking hesitantly
Time and tide passing

A couple of thoughts
In marked contradistinction
Tumbling waterfall

A couple of forms
All your personal details
There for all to see


Stop sign red lipstick
The warning message is clear
Do not cross this line

Red sky evening
Tomorrow will be so good
Let the dream unfold

Blood on desert sand
Old red smears of sacrifice
To the ancient gods


One careless miss step
Followed by seven tough years
In recovery

Seven samurai
Totally focussed tough men
Not ever careless

Seven young campers
Careless spark ignites a park
Life's tough learning curve


On each ANZAC day
We remember our loved ones
And awesome courage

It's more than awe some
The worst you can imagine
It's really awe full

Low tide still water
A clear cerulean sky
Truly awesome day

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