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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Haiku on Carve/ Green/ Blame/ Sacred


Wastrel's life of waste
Carved deep lines on his face
A hidden etching

With smiling flourish
He carved the waste from the bone
A master butcher

Don't waste a moment
Carve out a path for your life
Sure step after step


Early autumn rain
Thin green veneer of new growth
Returns to parched land

Prisoner exchange
Thin man returns home at last
Once a green beret

The fun of the fair
Two thin girls return to earth
Looking slightly green


I cannot blame you
It was entirely my fault
I apologise

You can blame others
But at the end of the day
We all share the guilt

She was an old blame
Screws loose and faulty wiring
Led a merry dance


First steps to learning
Order of the Sacred Heart
St. Anne's convent school

Cannot see or touch
The sacred gift you gave me
Yet it's always there

Gave their lives for us
Sacred Souls who fought the wars
So we could know peace

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