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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Haiku on Create/ Rush/ Grab/ Rise


Create a haiku
That stays in the reader's mind
Longer than a tweet

Create an event
Stay married for fifty years
Invite all your friends

Such unruly hair
Reflecting the mind beneath
Chaos created


The purpose of life
Is to savour each moment
Not rush death headlong

Rush hither and yon
Like rats escaping the cage
Yet hemmed in by bars

Review the rushes
Admire each frame of your life
Smile with contentment


Wheels grab the sharp curve
As we scream around the bend
Driving excitement

Your beautiful curves
Are driving me round the bend
I need to grab you

The English South Downs
Green rolling curves round each bend
Grab a few photos


She teased and she teased
And got a rise out of him
Then regretted it

Spirits did not rise
Flat looking unleavened bread
Forgot yeast again

We rise together
The peaceful coalition
Against violence

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