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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Haiku on Beat/ Long/ Crush/ Score


Womb held infant heart
Mother's beat syncopated
Skipping together

Cannot win alone
Marriage a three legged race
You beat together

Pinball machined mind
No recognisable beat
ADHD brain


Long and winding road
Halts and hills and barriers
Sadness overcome

Today is special
Fifty years long together

Longed to be with you
From those first dancing moments
In step ever since


Crush opposition
Grind the bastards into dust
Whoops, we're worse than them

Started with a crush
Deepened every year since then
Love tinged with respect

An underground crush
Subway train disgorges mass
Then sucks it back in


Crunch up the grape pips
Keep a very private score
Or do a spit count

Keep a private score
And the partnership will end
In acrimony

In private moments
She nail raked his scarred up back
And kept her own score

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