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Friday, August 14, 2015

Haiku on Old/ Fool/ Yell/ Train


The same old routine
Out of bed into shower
At some stage woke up

Old fly in shower
The same one as yesterday
It just won't get out

Old girlfriends night out
A special baby shower
Two bought the same gift


Fool around a bit
Share all your April showers
Seek the Christmas child

Yesterday's plum fool
Totally devoured in haste
Painful just desserts

Fool and his money
Are soon parted they reckon
So mean spirited


Defeat the demons
Face the dark mirror and yell
I won't be beaten

On Easter Sunday
We should yell in unison
War can go to hell

I know you want one
Can you yell louder than that
Whole store needs to know


She spoke in the dark
Interrupting train of thought
The girl of my dreams

We train throughout life
To face death with dignity
Go on bugger off

Journey to Japan
Omagari Budokan
Train in Goju Ryu

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