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Friday, July 31, 2015

Haiku on Beat/ Uncover/ Sin/ Scrape


Beat eggs together
Tip in flour and sugar
Invite friends for cake

The tip of her tongue
Invite to come together
Two hearts beat as one

Invite best fighters
Tip to beat the enemy
Forces together


Uncover your scars
Let the world see your struggles
And admire courage

Uncover rubbish
Expose to the light of day
Let it decompose

Nudist colony
Two undercover police
Uncovered of course


Envy, gluttony
Sinful self idolatry
Greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath

Not a deadly sin
Can get away with murder
Apparently so

Are birds full of sin
They bicker over nest sites
And fight over food

Promised in dark chocolate
Not a sin at all


Painting dark with age
Gently scrape away the grime
Masterpiece revealed

Secret curettage
Scrape away the accident
Guilt and baby free

Choirmaster fumes
Chewing gum under the pew
A small childhood scrape

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