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Friday, July 3, 2015

Haiku on Blood/ Guess/ Splinter/ Spectacle

Soft snow sunmelting
Eager to join small river
And journey to sea


Blood on battlefields
Our fathers fought in the wars
Mothers birthed more sons

Blood soaks into sands
Across the deserts of time
Fertility rites

Blood pressure rising
Gaea's anger boils over
At our mistreatment


Is a guess a guess
Or is there a real sixth sense
Buried in our gut

The guess of honour
Sat as head of the table
No one knew their name

Memory all gone
I guess most of the answers


Splinter haemorrhage
Sign of serious illness

Steady hand and eye
Sterilised needle in hand
The splinter doctor

Can a small splinter
Get through eye of a needle
Heavenly revenge


A right royal spectacle
Queen on New Years Eve

A childhood tantrum
Right spectacle of himself
Politician lost

Mount Fuji in spring
A light halo of low cloud
Quiet spectacle

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