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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Haiku on Arrogant/ Option/ Back/ Sedate


Arrogant people
A deep vein of ignorance
With entitlement

For true arrogance
You need a really hard nose
And no empathy

A humane country
Looks after those in great need
Without arrogance


You can just sit there
Get really fat and depressed
Walk is an option

Option to purchase
Entirely your decision
Take it or leave it

Explore your options
You can vote or pay the fine
Or be a donkey


Our backs to the wall
We sought some government help
Busy infighting

Back on track again
Up early and off to work

It's all back to front
The wealthy are entitled
The poor have to give


Not a lot to do
We sit sedate and in awe
Cyclone Marcia

Fingernails circle
Brushing pink marks on her back
Sedate the migraine

Mother sat sedate
Raucous family meeting
Mind made up, she stood

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