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Friday, July 10, 2015

Haiku on Enough/ Frail/ Work/ Gasp


We like each other
As the years of us roll on
It must be enough

The pool is now full
I need to thank all you clouds
That is quite enough

Have you had enough
She asked with a tiny yawn
And smiled into sleep


Old grandmother snail
Dragging her home dome with her
Leaving a frail trail

You may appear frail
But I have experience
You were always strong

Prone to illnesses
Of body, mind and spirit
Human frailty


Hands all slimy wet
He worked the raw clay again
To perfect a man

Work is perception
To love what it is you do
A true vocation

Work hard all day long
Then you play hard through the night
Weight loss recipe


Almost at last gasp
He left air conditioning
To go for a smoke

High on mountain air
Stepping from a cable car
The view made him gasp

Her icy fingers
The anticipation gasp
Was to be his last

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