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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Haiku on Bury/ Enter/ Rip/ Sick


I don't remember
Needed to bury that stuff
Deep in history

We buried the mouse
In a hole in the garden
Your first childhood loss

I bury myself
Deep down in your soft warm curves
Love these winter nights


Enter the contract
With eyes and heart wide open
Fulfill the bargain

Rain seeps through the cracks
To fill mountain's hidden lake
You enter my heart

You enter stage left
Your presence mesmerizing
The audience gasps


Recent tragedy
Cyclone ripped through many towns
Homes and lives destroyed

You stare at my face
Dear prosopagnosia
No recognition

The old professor
Tore strips off all his students
They nicknamed him Rip

Sick, Strive

The sick write such filth
We strive to wash memories
With haiku of hope

Strive to wash the sick
From the post party carpet
A faint smell lingers

Iron will to strive
At last made him sick to death
She washed him with tears

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