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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Haiku on Bug/ Erase/ Bend/ Hide


Bug in my software
Caused Transverse Myelitis
I don't quite compute

Bought daughter a bug
Bright yellow and classic shape
Beetled everywhere

Write haiku most days
Definitely caught the bug
Haven't squashed it yet


Erase and replace
No, please don't think about it
We made promises

I did hurt you once
Mind cannot erase your look
I still remember

A stain on your soul
Acts of wanton violence
Will not be erased


Some go round the bend
And never quite recover
Others launch new lives

He dived so deeply
Into the depths of her soul
Was left with the bends

I bend to your will
Almost without knowing why
Then I see you smile


Mountain hides north face
Behind a dark veil of cloud
Human kind gone west

Hands over my face
You can't see me any more
Early hide and seek

Feeling good you say
You cannot hide emotion
When I know your face

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