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Friday, December 6, 2013

Swallowing problems (Dysphagia); Developing Safe and Attractive Meals


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Janet Martin, BSc., BND, APD, is an accredited practising dietitian with over 20 years experience of creating standards and recipes for texture modified diets for swallowing disorders, and has been a dysphagia management specialist with the Dietitians Association of Australia.
In 1993 Jan developed the recipe book “Good Looking, Easy Swallowing” (1993), with Jane Backhouse, a speech pathologist, funded by the Julia Farr Foundation in South Australia. This has become a core text internationally for health professionals, chefs and families seeking to improve the presentation of puréed foods. Copies of GLES have become extremely rare (and expensive) since the book went out of print - suggesting just how useful it is to have a practical, simple and soundly based guide to assist families and others to provide the special meals needed to avoid choking episodes in those with Dysphagia from whatever cause. 
Jan was also part of the program “Goop to Gourmet” - a quality improvement program run at the Julia Farr Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, to experiment with, and promote, high quality modified texture diets. Janet would like to thank the many chefs who contributed to the ideas and recipes presented in this kitchen manual.

This second edition of a 'Kitchen Manual' is based on current national guidelines for dysphagia management, and provides an updated and practical guide to enable kitchens to use the guidelines. The overall objective is to improve presentation of texture modified meals in nursing homes and hospitals.

97 pages     Full colour illustrations     Price: $8.99

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