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Friday, December 13, 2013

Haiku on Answer/ Bend/ Care


I have an answer
Always good with solutions
Now need the question

A catch in her voice
Shyly, with glistening eyes
She answered him; "Yes…"

Are you entitled?
Do you have some special right?
The answer is; "No!"

Raging storm last night
Garden battered by downpour
Answered my prayers


Bend it like Beckham
Pity about the round ball
But inspires the young

Bending my poor back
Under the weight of the world
I am Sisyphus

Speaking out of turn
Principal's office, bending
Three cuts of the cane


The wind does not care
It's job is simply to blow
No value judgments

Please fill in the form
Bureaucracy does not care
If you are bleeding

The News is tragic
Each night I watch the death toll
Inoculate care

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