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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Haiku on Understand/ Victory/ Wishes & Your


I stood in your shoes
Tried so hard to understand
Just felt really cramped

Words I understand
Subtext can leave me so cold
A smile can get through

Internal web of the mind
Hard to understand


Keeping my weight down
Avoiding soft drinks and crap
Victory of sorts

A small victory
Means very little really
Losing nags at you

Mind over matter
Greatest victory of all
I win, and I win

Wishes & Your

Wishes are fishes
Swimming Koi-ly in the pond
Of your sleeping mind

Cutting birthday cake
You hope to not touch bottom
Your wishes come true

I make them come true
Even the unspoken ones
Your wishes are mine

A matter of time
Wishes flow in here and now
Hope for your future

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