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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Haiku on Deny/ Escape/ Feel


Deny there's a God
Unseen like mind, soul, or love
They will all endure

Deny chocolate
Begone that pounding migraine
I will have no more

Arms manufacture
Stick with the profit motive
Deny world wide deaths


A page in a book
Evocative written words
My evening escape

Swift running river
Slippery green stepping stones
Fortunate escape

Escape behind drapes
Damned house piskie got away
I'll catch him one day


Fan spins silently
Filmed sweat on my brow dries up
Feel so much more cool

Dancing to your tune
Feel rhythms of your body
Deepest connection

My right brain can feel
My left brain does the thinking
Visual brain gets it

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