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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seeking Solutions to Self-injury: a guide for emergency staff

Are you working in the Emergency Room (ER) at  a hospital.  Does your service struggle to help people who self-injure. Perhaps they are not sure they want help, seem difficult to reach and manage, avoiding you and your colleagues, and feeling somewhat hopeless. Perhaps they make you really angry, inflicting this on themselves and apparently wasting your time, when there are so many serious cases to manage... This Seeking Solutions guide will help you to help them. Simple, clear, and straightforward. Highly informative for nurses, doctors,ambulance staff and police.
This is a brand new guide (2014) specifically designed to help you work with people who self-injure.
Available as a hard copy book for $3.99 plus post and packaging.
Or order the download version for $1.99
Go to

Scroll down to order the book individually, or as part of a suite of 4 books aiming to help this complex and potentially dangerous mental health problem.

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